To the Members of Mistawasis Nêhiyaw:

Management is responsible for the preparation of the accompanying financial statements, including responsibility for significant accounting judgments and estimates in accordance with the Mistawasis Specific Claim Trust Agreement’s operating provisions. This responsibility includes selecting appropriate accounting principles and methods, and making decisions affecting the measurement of transactions in which objective judgment is required.

In discharging its responsibilities for the integrity of the financial statements, management designs and maintains the necessary accounting systems and related internal, controls to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are authorized, assets aresafeguarded and financial records are properly maintained to provide reliable information for the preparation of financial statements.

The Trustees are responsible for overseeing management in the performance of its financial reporting responsibility, and for approving the financial statements. The Trustees fulfil these responsibilities by reviewing the financial information prepared by management and by discussing relevant matters with management and the external auditor. The Trustees are also responsible for appointing the Trust’s external auditor.

MNP LLP, an independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants, is appointed by the Trustees to audit the financial statements and report directly to the Members of Mistawasis Nehiyawak; their report follows. The external auditor has full and free access to, and meets periodically and separately with, both the Trustees and management to discuss their audit findings.

Please find our 2021 Audit here.

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2019-2020 Annual Report and Financial Statements