On behalf of Mistawasis Chief and Council, we stand in solidarity with Sydney Daniels and all Indigenous students who have experienced racism and discrimination at Harvard University. Racism has no place in any educational institution, and it is unacceptable that Indigenous students are being subjected to mistreatment. Mistawasis is committed to advocating for fair treatment of Indigenous students and promoting equal opportunities for all.

We are so proud of all that Mistawasis member, Sydney Daniels has accomplished during her five years at Harvard University. Because of her talent, work ethic, and resiliency she has broken down so many barriers for First Nation athletes. We are disappointed in the Harvard sports organization and for the level of mistreatment she has had to endure. We are proud of Sydney for speaking up and for fighting for what is right.

There is no scenario that justifies a member of our community being treated this way. Mistawasis is actively engaging in discussions with our First Nations partners to establish an inclusive environment and progress towards relationships built on principles of honesty, integrity, and trust. As a community, we stand against any form of racism or mistreatment of Indigenous students and are committed to advocating for fair treatment and equal opportunities.

Hiy Hiy,


Chief Daryl Watson

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