Chief Daryl Watson


Chief Daryl Watson is the Chief of Mistawasis Nêhiyawak, formerly known as Mistawasis First Nation. He is the first Chief to be mandated with a four-year term as opposed to a two-year term.

Prior to this, he was a Band Councillor for two terms holding the Education Portfolio. Chief Watson was actively involved in sports and recreation for the youth in the community. In addition, he served as a Trustee for the Mistawasis Land Claims.

Settling outstanding land claims for the Nation has been a priority for Chief Watson. Under his strong leadership, the Nation achieved the Specific Land Claims Settlement agreement in 2001. In January 2022, Mistawasis Nêhiyawak successfully ratified the Treaty Land Entitlement Settlement. The Nation can now begin the process of re-establishing its presence in its Traditional Territory to maximize opportunities in economic development and wealth management.

Aside from his leadership roles and his lengthy political career, Chief Watson remains to be a family-oriented and community-minded leader. He has strong cultural and traditional values and is fluent in Cree.

Chief Daryl Watson