Pam Peekeekoot

As of January 4, 2022, the Claim Process has opened for the Indian Residential Schools Day Scholars settlement. The deadline to submit a claim is October 4, 2023.

Pam Peekeekoot

Survivor Class

You are a member of Survivor Class, also known as Day Scholars, if you attended Indian Residential Schools as students during the day only but did not sleep there overnight.

Every eligible Day Scholar is now able to make a claim for a $10,000 Day Scholar Compensation Payment. If an eligible Day Scholar who died on or after May 30, 2005, a claim may be submitted on their behalf by their estate Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Liquidator, or if none exist, the highest priority living heir. Only Survivor Class Members, also known as Day Scholars, are eligible for the $10,000 individual compensation payment.

Those eligible for compensation under the settlement must have attended one of the schools on the “Schedule E” lists of Indian Residential Schools. List 1 contains schools known to have had Day Scholars. List 2 contains schools that may have had Day Scholars. Schedule E can be found at

Survivor Class Members should act quickly to ensure that they do not miss the claims deadline – October 4, 2023.

You can complete your claims form by applying online at

If you choose to fill in a paper claim form, copies can be downloaded directly from You can contact the Claims Administrator (Deloitte) to request a copy be mailed to you at: or 1-877-877-5786.

Claimants who have questions about the settlement can contact Class Counsel for this settlement at or 1-888-222-6845 (toll-free).

Descendant Class

You are a member of the Descendant Class if you are a natural or adopted child of a Survivor Class Member.

The Day Scholars settlement includes a $50 million Day Scholars Revitalization Fund to be used to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage, and commemoration activities. The Day Scholars Revitalization Society, which will administer the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund, is currently being established. There is no process for applying for benefits at this time.

Pam Peekeekoot

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