Wellness Liaison (2)

The Wellness Liaison will work with school/ health teams to support a trauma-informed approach to healing and wellness for Mistawasis Nệhiyawak students and their families. They will work with school teams to support student and parental engagement, and to increase student success in school, academic achievement, and on-time graduation rates.

Land Based Support Worker (3)

We are currently seeking three (3) individuals for the 2021-2022 academic year; this is a short-term contract. The Land Base Worker is responsible for supporting the land base coordinator and the classroom teacher to promote engagement of youth and their families.

Koskonowewin (Awakening People) Liaison

Mistawasis Nệhiyawak requires a Koskonowewin Liaison term position for the Indigenous Language and Culture Program Grant initiative. The Liaison will have responsibility for the operations of the proposed grant projects, and its function in support of the grant expectations and requirements.

CFS Intake Analyst

The CFS Intake Analyst will receive calls and documents, and will assign reports received regarding children and youth to ensure concerns are received, documented and actioned appropriately and remain within response standards in accordance with legislated obligations.