Are you interested in becoming a Lands Committee member under the Mistawasis Land Code?

Application deadline is 4:30 May 06, 2022

Clause 26.2 states:

Any Eligible Voter other than a member of the Council, whether resident on off First Nation Land, is eligible for appointment to the Lands Committee, except for the following persons:

    • Any person convicted of an offence that was prosecuted by way of indictment;
    • Any person declared a bankrupt; and
    • Any person convicted of a corrupt practice in connection with an election, including accepting a bribe, dishonesty or wrongful conduct

Clause 26.3: The members of the Lands Committee are to be appointed by the Council

If selected, applicants will be subject to:

  • Providing a current CPIC
  • the Mistawasis Fit For Duty Policy

View the Land Code and Terms of Reference here.

If you are eligible to apply, send a detailed resume to the Band Office:

Mistawasis Lands & Resource Dept.
Box 250
Leask Sask. S0J 1M0

Phone: 1-306-466-4800 ext. 223
Fax: 1-306-466-2299