Land and Resources

Operations and Services

    • Granting of Interests and Licences (leases, permits, easements & rights-of-ways)
    • Acknowledgement of existing interests and licences
    • Allocation of Lots for residential purposes
    • Transfer or assign an interest or licence
    • Residency and access rights
    • Register land related document in the First Nation Land Registry
    • Land appraisals and inspections
    • Environmental assessments 
    • Coordinate the development of an Environmental Law
    • Land Resolutions for Band Council
    • Assist in the development of Economic Development projects , lands & taxation
    • Assist in development of by-law, laws & servicing agreements
    • Coordinate with legal Counsel on land related issues
    • Coordinate the development of a Land Use Plan
    • Coordinate the development of a Matrimonial Real Property Law
    • Engage Membership in the various land related activities 

About and Land Base

The Lands & Resources Department is mandated by the Chief and Council to monitor land related activities and ensure that these activities are compliant with the Mistawasis Land Code.

On August 23, 1876 Mistawasis signed Treaty 6. On May 17, 1889 by Order-in-Council PC 1151 an area of 77 square miles was set aside for the use and benefit of the members of Mistawasis. In 1911, 1917, & 1919 Mistawasis surrendered 18,155 acres. In 2001 Mistawasis entered into a Specific Claim Settlement Agreement with Canada for 18,155 acres.

The present land base:

Mistawasis 103 30,720 acres
Mistawasis 103A 163 acres
Mistawasis 103B 336 acres
Mistawasis 103C 300 acres
Mistawasis 103D 4,813 acres
Mistawasis 103E 20 acres
Mistawasis 103F 315 acres
Mistawasis 103G 69 acres
Mistawasis 103H 319 acres
Mistawasis 103I 146 acres
Mistawasis 103J 625 acres
Mistawasis 103L 160 acres

Lands purchased under Specific Claims – not transferred to reserve status yet – 4,657 acres

Lands remaining to be purchased under Specific Claim – 6,232 acres

The Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management allows Mistawasis to exercise control and jurisdiction over their lands and resources by developing a Land Code that reflects Mistawasis’ laws, priorities and traditions

On January 16, 2017, Mistawasis Membership ratified the Mistawasis Land Code. On April 1, 2017, Mistawasis became an Operational Band under the Framework Agreement of the First Nation Land Management Act

Regulations, Land Code and Documents


Director of Lands and Resource:

Lawrence Johnston
(306) 466-4800
(306) 466-7856

Lands and Resource Staff:

      • Kelsey Watson-Daniels – Lands Technician Officer
      • Debbie Watson – Lands Administrative Assistant