As you may have heard, our community is presently building capacity to take control of Child and Family Services. We will be including opikinawâsowin (traditional Cree child rearing practices) in the development of the organization and programming, and are canvassing our band membership to find out what people know about this from their own experiences. This post is just to find out who is carrying that knowledge and whether they might be willing to share it with us.

Do you feel like you would have anything to share regarding traditional child-rearing practices? Do you recall anything from your own experiences as a child, or in raising your own children (if you have any)? This can include anything from before the children are born until the age of 20 or so (e.g., stages of child development, rites of passage ceremonies, discipline practices, Cree language terms, etc.).

Pam Peekeekoot

Artist: Pam Peekeekoot

If you do, would you be open to having someone come by with a tobacco offering to have a conversation and record what you have to share? If you would prefer not to have an in person visit you can also submit what you know via email (if email, please send to awasis@mistawasis.ca).

If you have any questions about this process, would like to arrange a meeting to share what you know, or require more information, please contact one of our Opikinawâsowin Researchers:

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a wonderful day!