We are pleased to write to you about the settlement of Mistawasis’ outstanding Treaty Land Entitlement. For a number of years, the Mistawasis Nehiyawak Negotiating Team has worked extremely hard to conclude this settlement. We thank the Negotiating Team members for their commitment to this process and for their hard work. It is now up to the Mistawasis Members to decide if Mistawasis should accept the proposed settlement. What is being proposed is the amendment of the Mistawasis Specific Claim Trust to meet the requirements of the TLE Settlement Agreement. The Entitlement Monies ($30,596,765.20) would then be contributed to the amended Specific Claim Trust Account, and administered under the terms of the amended Trust Agreement (to become known as the “Mistawasis Legacy Trust”) together with the Specific Claim Trust Property (there is approximately $14,600,000 remaining in the Specific Claim Trust) and the land purchased by the Specific Claim Trust, but not yet set apart as a reserve (approximately 4,606 acres). The goal is to have one Trust to address both the Specific Claim Trust Property and the Entitlement Monies The following documents are provided to assist the Members in understanding the Settlement Agreement and Mistawasis Legacy Trust: